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Iron Man Suit Costume Guide

Iron Man Suit Costume Guide Review

Official Site: https://theironsuit.com/

You have stumble upon this review because finding an Ironman Suit is much harder that it seems. Good news though! This company takes all of the hard work out of creating the perfect suit. They give you a step by step guide how to build your very own suit! Now you might be thinking okay im going to be able to build a suit but how long will this take? No worries they have you covered it takes roughly about 2 – 3 weeks depending how much time you put into the build each day. Nearly all of the supplies for your build can be found at your local store or hardware shop.

What is the Price?

You will be looking at a total of about 50 dollars which is amazing considering that some suits on the market cost upwards to 8,000 dollars. Your suit will come with everything from lights in the mask, hands, and chest. Fiber glass will be used to make the suit durable you will even be equipped with an imitation gun that does all sorts of neat things like sound effects.

How hard is it to make?

The creators of the suit have done all the heavy lifting, they have made the instructions super simple to follow that anyone could make a suit. You will be provided with a full guide of pictures and even software to make the task at hand even easier. During the beginning stages of the build you will be cutting and gluing parts together. This is super simple and it takes minimal items to complete the task. By the end of this guide you will have a fully live Suit that looks like the real deal. Some people have even started to make these suits to sell and have turned it into a business just something to keep in mind.

What comes with The Iron Man Suit?

  • Video Guide
  • Picture Guide
  • 3D File Guide
  • Step by Step Guide
  • Material List
  • Software Viewer




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Iron Man Suit Costume Guide
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