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Suspension Revolution Review

Suspension Revolution Review

Suspension Revolution Review

Official Site: http://www.suspensionrevolution.com/


Not long ago, you had to be a part of Dan Long’s clientele to have access to this type of training.  Dan has trained nearly everyone from elite Special Forces all the way to top Hollywood movie stars.

We are about to uncover what exactly is in this so called Suspension Revolution! We will be breaking it down for you along the way so in the end you can decide if it is something for you, so sit back and enjoy.


So who is this Dan Long guy?

Dan Long is the guy that trains A LOT of pro athletes,working out of Powerhouse gym. He is based out of Tampa Bay, Florida and has trained many of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, most noteably Dekoda Watson.

Dan really specializes in breaking plateaus that his clients are faced with. He does this by introducing his 191 unique exercise that is not known to many. This is the power behind Suspension Revolution and he reveals it all in his program.

So what is Suspension Revolution?

This is program is something you have never seen before and is something that Dan is very known for. You will be shown 191 new exercises that are so unique that they have no choice but to transform your body into a lean, mean, jacked machine. You will combine this with 27 more amazing intense exercises to further your development. The best part is you will be forced to use muscles you have never tapped into before with your old workouts.


So what comes with the program?

  • Strap after burn finishers
  • 10 top secret exercises plus bonus videos
  • 4 week beginner suspension program
  • 4 week intermediate suspension program
  • 12 week advanced suspension program


So who is this for?

Dan has done a fantastic job covering all bases with his program so that anyone can pick it up and hit the floor running full speed. You don’t have to have any past training or any type of athletic bone in your body. Dan has taken in consideration that everyone starts from different spots by breaking the program down in 3 stages ranging from beginner to advanced, making it perfect for men, young kids and women. You will mainly be using your own body weight for resistance and as you grow stronger, you can add weight with belts or backpacks. The program is well rounded for anyone to gain great results.


Suspension Revolution has meet my every expectation and has the references as to why to back them up. Dan really has put everything into this program and has built something different to help the world reach their fitness goals in a fun and enjoyable fashion. If you are interested in learning more about the program from the man himself, I suggest you cruise on over and see what he has to say directly!



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